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The mission of Dynamic Discoveries is to empower girls and women! Through group therapy and individual therapy Lauren Givan helps teen girls focus on their mental health and emotional wellbeing. The end goal is to enable them to develop tools to build and sustain resilience.


Join me in the movement to take charge of our own mental health and wellbeing.


About Dynamic Discoveries

We help empower teen girls so they can thrive!


Does this sound familiar?

You’re starting every day with your teen daughter with an argument. You’re fighting to get her out of the bed or fighting with her to get her homework done, or fighting with her to take a shower and brush her hair? With a late start, she’s just gobbling down sugar and maybe a quick caffeine jolt to get her out...which she barely gets out of the door in time to catch the bus and make it to her class on time.


Wouldn’t you rather have a daughter who is sleeping well and is less easily irritable. She’s managing her time well, so you’re no longer fighting over homework and organization. She’s getting herself up, dressed, fed and out of the door on time every morning. And she feels great about herself while doing it.


With Dynamic Discoveries, your daughter will discover how to design her own self-care routine that will help her feel great about herself. She’ll also discover why she’s so disorganized and learn the keys to redirecting her energy to focus on both her school work and extra-curricular activities. All of this will help you have a more peaceful and healthy home environment for your entire family.

How do we do all of this?

We start by looking at her life, as she sees it. I approach each teen as the individual that she is, from her perspective. And, from there I examine her schedule and routines and together we examine where she might be able to make adjustments. These adjustments aren’t just to her daily activities, but specifically to her mindset in approaching those activities. We work through learning how to process the things in her life that are making her uncomfortable and I give tips and techniques that allow her to sit with these uncomfortable feelings and put them in their appropriate place for her life.

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