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Lauren Givan, LISW

Owner, Dynamic Discoveries 


Hello! My name is Lauren Givan

As a therapist, I offer workshops and individual therapy for teens and young adults. Working with you and your teen, I help them to develop valuable skills to help foster resilience and enhance mental wellness. Together, we work on mindfulness, self care practices, and self empowerment.


I graduated from Case Western Reserve Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences with a Master’s Degree in Social Work.


My training includes helping teens and young adults develop interpersonal skills, regulate emotions, and build the ability to tolerate distress. We also work on the critical skill of changing your thoughts to change your emotions. In addition, we work on developing habits to help your teen navigate their daily lives.


My experience includes creating and running therapy groups for over ten years. During that time, I offered support, while helping children, adolescents, and adults develop coping skills, social skills and emotion regulation skills.

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